Capacity Building Workshop for Civil Society Organizations and Journalists on the 2017 Natural Resource Governance Index (NRGI)

RELUFA in partnership with the Natural Resource Governance Institute organized a workshop at the Yaounde Ntoungou hotel on October 4 and 5, 2017. The aim of the workshop was to strengthen the capacities of journalists and civil society organizations on the natural resources governance index. The workshop centred on the general presentation of the results of the governance index, specifically the purpose and methodological approach of evaluation. In addition, the workshop equally  focused on Cameroon, in comparison with other African countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea just to name a few.


This Policy Brief is intended to suggest a framework and provoke reflections on how to effectively use the EITI to promote transparency in the artisanal and small scale mining sector in Cameroon.


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Parliamentary Dinner to reinforce Transparency and Participation in the Management of Natural Resources

A parliamentary dinner was held on July 6, 2017 at the Yaounde Deputy Hotel whose purpose was to discuss with parliamentarians the  transparency and  participation of municipalities and communities in the process of allocation and management of land for agro-industrial and mining purposes. Twenty parliamentarians (deputies and senators), officials of the administration, resident representatives of project sites, local facilitators and journalists took part in the dinner.

Workshop to elaborate mechanisms for participation in the process of allocating land and mining concessions

On 03 July 2017, a workshop was held to discuss and validate proposals for mechanisms for #participation of communes and communities in the allocation and management of land and mining concessions. The workshop was held within the framework of the project “Reinforcement of #transparency and Participation in Natural Resources Management in Cameroon” (TRAP-GRN), funded by the European Union.