RELUFA at the bedside of victims of the Anglophone crisis

The Réseau de Lutte contre la Faim – RELUFA, a non-profit, non-political organization based in Yaoundé, liaised with the Kumbo Development and Orientation Center, through its Coordinator Jaff Napoléon, to provide food and basic necessities to victims of the current conflict in Kumbo. The supplies included rice, cooking oil, soap and salt. Some people, whose homes were completely destroyed in Bamkika’aiy, Meluf and Nyaro, Mbuluf, Gwarkang and Taankum, benefited from this assistance.

“I had the privilege of carrying out the distribution exercise on Wednesday August 21 in the Kumbo parish hall in the presence of around 107 people. The beneficiaries were very satisfied and gratified by this kind gesture,” says Mr. Eric Tangka.

“Many other areas of Bui such as Tatum, Dzeng, Ta Kija, Djottin, Oku, Jakiri, Sop, Kikaijelaki, Nkar, Mbah etc. suffered the same fate. Unfortunately, our limited resources have only been concentrated on the above shortlisted candidates while we wait for other stakeholders to come on board this humanitarian ship…”. These are the words of Mr. Jaff Napoléon, who has taken this urgency into account. It should be noted that the beneficiaries are victims of violence on both sides involved in the ongoing conflict.

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