RELUFA and John Knox Presbyterian Church, Cleveland Ohio USA, save lives through acts of generosity

In April 2021, RELUFA obtained support from John Knox Presbyterian Church, Cleveland-Ohio in the
USA. A decision was taken by RELUFA to use these funds through its local partner organization (KUDOC)
to implement a COVID-19 sensitization and provision of protective masks in Kumbo Bui division of the
North West Region of Cameroon. The objectives of the project were:

  • Prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst the community of Tobin and Kiyan villages
  • Sensitize the communities on preventive and hygienic measures to avert the spread of COVID-19
  • Encourage community members to put on facemasks and take every day preventive actions in public
    settings and mass transportation and at events and gatherings.
    This is what the Priest who said the Mass on the 22nd of June 2021, day of the sensitization and
    distribution said.
    “Members of the John Knox Presbyterian Church, Cleveland Ohio USA, you have saved lives by your act
    of generosity to the people of God. We always believe that through a movement of the gospel, it brings
    the formation of a healthy community, love and peace in our hearts. Today henceforth, we are blessed to
    have you as new family members in our humble congregation. Thank you for your generous donation
    and May the Lord replenish you with more to continue to donate for the destitute” – Rev Fr. Mike APP
    RELUFA and KUDOC will like to state that after receiving the funds on April 20th 2021 for the stitching of
    the 600 reusable facemasks, it took us two long months to have the project executed because of the
    insecurity that has befallen the English speaking part of Cameroon for the last 5 years. The announcement
    of the donation of face masks caused an air of excitement and joy with claps of happiness and gratification.

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