Call for Prayer Against Violence in Cameroon

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) joins the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon and other partners in the country to vehemently condemn the violent acts that deprive children of their rights to education. This comes after the continues attacks of schools with students and teachers being killed, wounded, and abducted. This as a result of the deepening political conflict in Cameroon’s two most western regions, the Anglophone Northwest and Southwest Regions, and to the conflict’s particular impact on children. The Presbyterian Church of Cameroon and other partners like the Network for the Fight Against Hunger in Cameroon (RELUFA) lament the fact that so many children are lacking education because of the crisis, as well as the total destitution in which most of the displaced persons live in other towns in Cameroon without any source of livelihood.

Call to prayer for Cameroon:…/stated-clerk-issues-call…/

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