Emergency COVID 19 Awareness Raising Among internally displaced persons (IDPs)

Since the Anglophone crisis degenerated in to a war, many people have fled their homes and villages and move to other parts of the country as Internally displaced persons (IDPs). This has plunged the IDPs into a situation of lack and want as hunger and poverty has become their new life style.

Some of the IDPs seeking refuge in Douala are living in very precarious conditions most of whom live in shanty areas of the town. Such is the case of some 600 identified IDPs including men, women and children living in Bonaberi and Nylon Douala. The IDPs were sorted out with the help of the Caritas committee of the St. Paul Catholic church in Nylon and St. Michel Catholic church Foret bar Bonaberi.

With the COVID 19 pandemic, these IDPs are experiencing further difficulties and hardship.  It is urgent to assist them in awareness, prevention and some material support to help them fight against the virus.

It was for this reason that RELUFA true to its mission of tackling the root causes of poverty, and with support from the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) and the Presbyterian Hunger Program PHP of PCUSA, conducted an emergency COVID 19 awareness raising among internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Douala to help them prevent and cope with the corona virus pandemic. No better person could have sensitized the IDPs on COVID 19 other than a practicing nurse who is equally an IDP; Jolene Kitavniadze edified her peers on what corona virus is all about, how it can be contracted, the symptoms and prevention.

This activity took place respectively at the Saint Paul Catholic church in Nylon and Saint Michel Catholic church Foret bar Bonaberi. The awareness raising and sensitization campaign was followed by the distribution of individual and collective hygiene items; face masks, hand sanitizers, soap, food and financial assistance to support the IDPs during this difficult period.

Over joyed, the IDPs did not hide their gratitude; Appeh Paul Ako an IDP from Buea, says he is grateful to have received a quality face mask including other items, food and financial support from RELUFA. To him, this is a miracle because since he left the South West, he has been suffering and this is the first time he is experiencing something like this.

Emerencia Lum a widow, is hosting 7 IDPs form Bamenda, Wum, and Bafut, she says she is over whelmed with the humanitarian gesture of RELUFA. According to her, they will no longer lack anything again. She thanked RELUFA for helping those in need.

RELUFA’s humanitarian actions has seen the provision of food assistance, skills training and educational support to IDPs in Yaounde and Douala.

Written by: Aneth Faseh Mbame

Communication Officer-RELUFA

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