Extractive industries

Cameroon has a wealth of untapped mining, gas and quarrying resources. The Cameroonian government has drawn up a framework for the deployment of its development policy, identifying the extractive sector as one of its driving forces. The oil sector already makes a significant contribution to Cameroon’s public budget. These resources can therefore be useful in ensuring the development of the Cameroonian people. But for this to happen, the right mechanisms must be put in place, and effective management must be ensured.

RELUFA’s objectives are: To ensure that Cameroon’s extractive sector contributes to community development To ensure that national and local governments manage Cameroon’s natural resources in a transparent, accountable and fair manner.
To achieve these objectives, RELUFA :

Follows up and advocates on issues raised by host communities of extractive projects; Monitors the impact of projects on neighboring communities; Facilitates exchanges between affected communities; Calls for transparency and responsible revenue management for poverty alleviation;
Monitors the activities of extractive companies operating in Cameroon; Participates in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and is a founding member of Cameroon’s “Publish What You Pay” coalition; Is a member of the coordinating committee for the implementation of the Kimberley Process.

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