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Since 2001, the Network for the Fight Against Hunger with a mission to combat the systemic problems that generate hunger, poverty and socio-economic and environmental injustice.

Development Approach

The work of RELUFA is guided by three values




In addition, RELUFA favors

Inclusion and mobilization of stakeholders for necessary structural changes

Collaboration and clarity in addressing the issues behind the identified problems

Creativity in seeking strategic solutions for marginalized populations

Our actions in our programs can be summarized as follows

Strengthening the capacities of various stakeholders (concerned communities, local CSOs, parliamentarians, journalists, students)

Participation in national and international strategies, campaigns and movements for social justice, transparency and good governance, and the fight against poverty

Conducting studies and providing recommendations to stakeholders

Mobilization actions of concerned communities and local CSOs

Our Objectives

Contribute to national and international efforts toward social justice, transparency and good governance in the fight against poverty and hunger

Create a platform of actors with a shared vision of global human development

Contribute to building awareness of regional, national and global issues affecting poor and disadvantaged populations, and seek solutions to those problems

Our remarkable Team

Sandrine Kouba

Programs Manager

Sarah Nadège Mbakop

Administrative and Accounting Manager

Josephine Maidjane

Extractives Industries Program Lead

Enjema Nenne Esunge

Communications Officer

Abdou - Raman Mamoudou

Food Security Expert

Soulemanou Mounpain

Communications Assistant

Dorine Taguia Epse Nzepa

Administrative and Finance Assistant

Kuenbou Jodelle

Food Security Program Assistant

Nixon Chi Atanga

Extractives Industries Program Assistant

Louise Chresance Silinou


Osrich Yimbu


Actual Partners

RELUFA is also a member of the following networks: National Land Coalition (CFN), Civil Society Coalition on the Kimberley Process (KP CSC), Cameroon Publish What You Pay Coalition (PWYI) and Network for the Promotion of Agroecology in Cameroon (NEPAC)

Previous Partners

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